At Third Eye, we believe that successful customer experiences start with a solid strategy. Our strategic consulting services empower businesses to define their objectives, understand their target audience, and identify market opportunities. By delving deep into your brand’s DNA, we uncover valuable insights that drive the creation of tailored strategies for sustainable growth.


Design is at the core of everything we do. We believe that beauty lies in simplicity and that every interaction should be a delight. Our talented design team crafts seamless user interfaces, stunning visual designs, and immersive experiences that seamlessly merge form and function. By aligning aesthetics with usability, we create compelling digital products that resonate with your audience and elevate your brand’s identity.


Design Thinking

Our process focuses on creating compelling experiences that are grounded in user data and business goals while carefully designing to deliver on the user’s needs. This collaborative process brings together business and technology vision holders to ensure our designs meet your business objectives, are scalable for future growth, and are feasible from a technology perspective.

User Experience Design

Our team focuses on your user and their journey throughout the experience in order to challenge and solve for business objectives, technical limitations and accomplish the user’s goals.

We focus on your user and their journey in order to challenge and solve for existing constraints.

Persona Research

We apply a structured approach to identifying and developing relevant personas. We establish an accurate and succinct representation of actual users of the solution. This phase enables us to obtain human-centric insights on customer desires and challenges.

Customer Journeys

We incorporate the design thinking outputs, persona research, competitive analysis and business goals to build user-centric journeys. This maps out the paths of the various users through a predefined set of goals in order to validate the success of the solution.

User Interface Design

We combine information architecture, interaction design, and visual design to deliver compelling UI solutions.

Our team creates motion graphics and animation to make your digital experience come to life.

Rapid Prototyping

We create interactive prototypes throughout the process to validate concepts and users journeys.

Content Creation

We create digital-first assets that engage your customers.

Usability & Acceptance Testing

Ongoing collaboration with stakeholders is our key to correctly defining and meeting user testing criteria that align with project goals

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